I am a Christian layperson and rank-and-file union activist in an East Coast city. Ecclesiastically speaking, I make my home on the sacramental and more explicitly liturgical side of progressive Protestantism: after growing up in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, I have spent the last years involved in various Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Episcopal Church parishes along with couple of Catholic Worker houses and a United Church of Christ congregation. The need for anonymity (read: my desire to not get fired) prevent me from writing too openly about my union activities in this medium, but I have worked and participated in organizing efforts in a variety of hospitality/service sector jobs.

This blog will be a bit of a miscellany, but particular hobbyhorses of mine include the future of the Church and the labor movement; liturgy, spirituality, and sacramental theology; American religious history; and the history of science and technology. I’m also hoping to do some amount of commentary on the Eucharistic and Divine Office lectionaries.